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WGHS 20 year picnic: Jim Sloss, Bruce Norman, James McGraw, Greg Krobot, Greg Edwards
30th WGHS73 Reunion- picture provided by Patty Barenkamp Moore LaBerta, Barenkamp, Thompson, McNabb, Winters — with Sally McNeill and 2 others.
30th WGHS73 Reunion Dinner- Vedia Cooper, Cynthia Woods, Arlene Moore, Jetuan Hauton
30th WGHS73 Reunion Dinner Sabrina Redmond, Ricky Shepperd, Arlene Moore
Chuck Watt with wife, Laurel @ 30th reunion
Bob DeBord with wife, Kathy @ 30th
John Kelly @ 30th (who's in the background?) The people in the background are: to the left, possibly Barb Adams Mittler, then facing the camera, Robyn Eagle Fleming and her husband John, and to the left, me, Martha Reitz Kratzer.
??, Doug Philips, Chuck & Laurel Watt
??, Lucy Pennoyer Bodet
Lee Green, Lucy Pennoyer Bodet @ 30th
Cathy Dahlin Bononi & husband @ 30th
Jack Joern(?), Yosh (Jack) Mantinband, Krista Jutzi Kotur @ 30th
Al Eason (Who's in the background?) @ 30th - picnic
Robert Trump (Who's in the background?) @ 30th - picnic
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