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Kuziel"s Adventures

I am John Kuziel fellow classmate married to a beautiful California blonde.



EDUCATION:  I graduated from Forrest Park CC in 1982 with an  Associate in Applied Science in Automotive Technology. Presently I am taking another Associate major in Applied Science but it is in Residential and Commercial air conditioning and heating which I should graduate in 2019 from San Bernardino Valley CC.



MILITARY:  My first enlistment in the Army was from 1975-1978 which was only a three year obligation at FT.Bragg NC. I was a Multi-Channel Communication Operator with a secret clearance. During that time I went down to Fort Sherman Panama and went through a grueling month training to receive my Jungle Expert Patch.

My second enlistment started in 1983-2004. The following 17 years sort of defined the person I am today. The field I went into was 63TD3 a Bradley Fighting System Maintainer, since I had a strong mechanical background which made everything so easy for me in that field. During the following years I was stationed at the following places Ft. Irwin CA; Ft. Carson CO; Ft. Knox KY; Ft. Stewart GA; went to Korea twice and Germany. I was part of the first element across the SAVA River into Bosnia December 95-November 96.  In 2002 I was deployed to Kuwait for a training mission with the Army of Kuwait. It all changed to the preparation to invade IRAQ in 2003 . I sort of missed another class reunion.




I retired from the military after coming back do to an injury to my spine. I spent from 2004 - 2012 working for the DOD as a contractor. I worked for Ft.Irwin CA. for Northrop Grumman as a Maintenance Supervisor. I left and went to Bagram Airbase Afghanistan for AECOM as a Maintenance Manager ll operating two seperate facilities. I look back at my life as a boy graduating high school. I have been in so many countries and met so many different people that I can say I have been very blessed. I’m presently  forced retired now but it will not define me. I plan on making the half century class reunion to see my fellow classmates.

John Kuziel
Webb's Follies

I am Janice Webb and still single.  Never got married never had any children.  Was engaged 3 times but known as a “runaway bride”.    I am a Breast Cancer Survivor.

Education:  I became a Computer Programmer/Analyst while going to school to receive my Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Management Science from Metropolitan State College of Denver where I graduated in 1988. I became a Computer Specialist/Analyst while going to school to receive my Master’s Degree in Computer Resource and Information Management from Webster University where I graduated in 2000. 

Military:  I Joined the United States Air Force from 1974 – 1978 and was stationed at F. E. Warren in Cheyenne, Wyoming.   I was a vehicle operator dispatcher  where I drove rations to missile cycloes for 3 years and then drove base taxi, was a taxi dispatcher and drove base shuttle bus  my last year before I got out.

Civilian Service:   I have been a Civil Servant since 1978.

After I got out of the military, I moved to Denver, CO in hopes of getting a job.  Two weeks later I did.

Employed at Lowry AFB in Denver, CO from 1978 – 1990 and worked at the Accounting and Finance Center.   I began as a clerk typist and worked my way up to 9 years programming financial applications.

Employed at Peterson AFB, CO from 1990 – 2001.  I worked as a version release manager for programs at Cheyenne Mountain Air Station (CMAS) and programmed other missile warning applications.

I am currently working at Schriever AFB in Colorado Springs, Co and have been since 2001.  I worked as a Communications Requirements Manager for the Operations Group and currently a Communications Requirements Manager for the Space Communications Squadron.

 I am looking forward to retiring with a 40 year retirement certificate in September 2014.  I am ready to retire.  After I retire, I would like to travel to the rest of the 50 United States that I have not been to.  I will volunteer at either nursing homes or food pantries, or go wherever my path leads me.  No plans of moving back to StL unless I have to take care of family. 

Travel:  I have taken 3 Alaskan cruises, 1 Hawaiian cruise, 1 Panama Canal cruise, 2 Caribbean cruises, flew to Jamaica, multiple trips to Las Vegas.  The next cruise I want to take is to the Virgin Islands.

The little redhead guy nobody knew-Bill Livingston Radioman second class USN National Cemetery Director, retired at 52!

Hello former classmates,

My name is Bill Livingston, remember me the little guy that was picked on by alot of folks.  Well I went in the U.S. Navy right after our graduation in September 1973. I served over 32 years in federal service for the Department of Veterans Affairs, National Cemetery Administration.  I became a Director for this agency serving as a National Cemetery Director over 18 years at various national cemeteries in the country.  An honor to care for those who served our great country.

My wife and I retired in 2007 and live in San Marcos, CA.  I have fond memories of my days at Plymouth junior high and the big school WGHS.  Wish I could be there maybe the 50th.

Only the best to all!

Bill Livingston

Radioman second class USN

National Cemetery Director, retired at 52!

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